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with a pilot, a pop star, a presenter and a fencer


In every edition we will have a studio based magazine programme, discussing the aircraft or topic of the week with a touch of humour, rare insight and often absolutely no idea what we are talking about at all.

There's an "Ask James" section - where you can ask our experienced pilot any question you like about aviation, how things fly or "what was that noise I heard while going on holiday?!"
Use the link at the top of this page to ask a question.

Then on Top Landing Gear Full Flaps you can hear a more in depth interview with our primary guest discussing the finer and often more technical aspects of their speciality where we delve a little deeper and find that brilliant aviation gold! 

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Our team

Roy Stride
Pop Star

Pop star, front man, song writer and now podcast genius. Roy continues his stellar career with indie band Scouting For Girls as well as a succesful solo and collaborative artist. After number one hit singles and albums he is now succumbing to his childhood passion for aviation and has started learning to fly.

Rob Curling
TV Presenter

Acclaimed TV personality, Rob has presented on The BBC and for Sky TV amongst many others. His shot to mega-stardom came with the daytime quiz show 'Turnabout'. Fortunately he has also presented and reported on countless airshows for TV, so is ideally suited to host our show.

Jez Curling
Fencing Contractor

Although an agricultural fencer by trade, this hasn't prevented Jeremy from becoming a vital part of the Top Landing Gear team. His reputation for an encyclopedic knowledge of all things historic and aviation related is almost completely without basis - but we love him and it was all his idea!

James Cartner

Having been a pilot for more years than he cares to mention James has flown a number of types (both fixed wing and rotary) in the RAF - he decided to settle down in commercial aviation - only to find airlines going bankrupt all around him. James is the expert on the podcast - which doesn't really say much for the others!


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